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Estate Planning

We have extensive experience in providing an estate plan tailored to each client’s specific needs. In addition to preparing your estate plan, we focus on integrating your estate planning needs to protect your assets and savings. We provide legal services for all sizes of estates, from the modest to multi million dollar estates. At Brandwein&Brandwein, we customize your estate plan to your specific needs.

An effective estate plan will accomplish the following:

-Minimize Estate Taxes
-Keep legal control within the family, and prevent the court from jurisdiction over your minor children, healthcare and property and personal financial or family affairs.
-Minimize the cost of probate proceedings and court costs.

To accomplish these goals, we use a wide range of legal tools, such as:

.Revocable Living Trust
.Illinois Power of Attorney for Property
.Illinois Power of Attorney for Healthcare
.Special Needs Trusts
.Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust to protect your life insurance from estate taxation
.Qualified Domestic Trust (if your spouse is not a U.S. citizen)
.Gift Trusts

In addition to the above documents, for larger and more complex estates, or for second marriages and step families, there are additional ways to assist you in your estate planning needs, including, but not limited to:

.Family Limited Partnerships
.Limited Liability Companies
.IRA Trusts
.and many other options.

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